Dev Principles

Principles for being a great developer

Do it right the first time, there may not be a second chance.


  • Strive for high quality code

  • Self-documenting code works

  • Read "Clean Code" by Robert "Uncle Bob" Martin. Then, do that stuff in the book.

  • Names matter; spend time deciding good ones.

  • Stay organized, keep a notebook. Paper is fine and less distracting in meetings.


  • Stay fresh with your skills.

  • Train on your own if necessary.

  • Always be learning.

  • Push yourself just outside your comfort zone if you can.

  • Get feedback via PRs

  • Be open to different ways of doing things.

Soft Skills

  • People skills are just as important as technical skills, perhaps even more so.

  • Learn to give constructive feedback.

  • Learn to receive feedback.

  • Keep it professional.

  • Use "we" instead of "you" when critiquing code.

  • Be open to change.